My mission

To fulfill men whom are in the middle of life with high quality touch and to help them break free from the strait jacket of their hectic agenda.

(you can change or cancel your booking unto 24 hours upfront, free of charge)

My vision

Quality of touch

The quality of touch is my first priority. Therefor I move consciously and carefully, sometimes softly, sometime firmly, but always with awareness. I strive for a feeling of comfort and safeness, so you can completely surrender and experience ultimate relaxation.

Personal attention

During and around the sessions I choose a personal approach. Your story matters. Your longings and needs are an important guideline for me. Without becoming therapeutical, I pay attention to who you are, on a human level.  

Feeling into you

Every man is different, every day is different. Therefor I don’t work mechanically with a fixed set of tricks. The high quality of touch is enforced by an intuitive way of feeling what your body needs. Here. Now. That effects you not just during, but also after the session.

Personal development

I have discovered that bodywork can support personal growth. That’s why I create an experiential space for all emotions. This could give you insights that change your life forever. 

Open about sex

My approach of sexuality is open and transparant. Enjoyment is key. In general sexual acts are purely focused on cock and ass. I strive to let you experience the power and sensations of sexual energy throughout your whole body. An ecstatic experience that stays with you for a long time.

For whom is Pure Male Massage?

  • Men who are looking for exclusive treatment, with personal attention.
  • Men who can’t relax enough after a normal massage. 
  • Men who are willing to work on themselves.
  • Men who understand the power of surrender/letting go of control. 
  • Men in the middle of life that are struggling with slowing down in between their busy agenda.