My mission

Helping men, whom are in the midst of life, to break free from the bonds of their daily agenda, through high quality touch.

(You can change or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours in advance)

My vision

Quality of touch

Quality of touch is my priority. Therefor I move with care and attention, sometimes soft, sometimes firm, but always consciously. I aim for a feeling of security, that will help you to fully surrender and experience the ultimate relaxation.

Personal attention

During and around the session I choose a personal approach. Your story matters. Your desires and needs are my most important guidelines. Without becoming therapeutic, I will pay attention to who you are, on a human level.

Feel what’s needed

Every human being is different, every day is different. That’s why I don’t work with fixed patterns or routines. The high quality touch is enhanced by an intuitive sense of what your body needs. Here. Right now. And that has an effect on you before and after the session.

Personal development

I have discovered that bodywork can contribute to personal development. That’s why I create a space in which all emotions and experiences are welcome. This can provide insights that structurally change your life.

Open about sexuality

My approach to sexuality is open and transparent. Enjoyment is central. Sexual acts are usually almost exclusively focused on cock and buttocks. My aim is to let you experience the power and sensation of sexual energy throughout your body. An ecstatic experience that will stay with you for a long time to go.

Who is Pure Male Massage for?

  • Men who are looking for exclusive treatment, with personal attention.
  • Men who can’t relax enough with a standard massage.
  • Men willing to work on themselves.
  • Men who understand the power of surrender/release of control.
  • Men who are in the middle of life and in need of slowing down amid their hectic agenda.