A relaxed ass without pain

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Asswork: Pain Free in touch

In an Asswork session everything revolves around your relationship with your anus. I guide you in researching and building that relationship. Together we explore different facets, such as:

  • Shame
  • Discomfort
  • Pain
  • Taboo
  • Anatomy
  • Practical Tips

How we fill out the session depends on your experience and need. For example, do you have a lot of experience, but you always experience pain? Then we can focus on the cause of this. Do you have no experience and you have no idea how to start? Then I can help you take the first steps. For some people this only means talking and so learning, for other people it will be hands-on bodywork. Usually somewhere in between or a combination.

Working with blockages

Energy can only circulate through your body if you are completely free from blockages. In many men the sphincter muscle and the perineum are blocked. That may have different causes. In an Asswork session, I help you discover and release these blockages and teach you how to continue and maintain this yourself. Loosening these blockages can be an emotional process. Therefore, it is often advisable to integrate this option only when you know me a little better. With conscious breath you can let the tension flow out of your body. I accompany you. The most important thing is that we work at your pace. Only then can you make a healthy start towards pleasurable sex.

+ Assplay

A good relationship with your anus is so incredibly important. Tension is easily stuck in your sphincter muscles. Just remember how your body responds when you are scared or experiencing otherwise tension. The first thing you clench is your sphincter muscle.

Whether you are used to a lot or are just starting out; A loving and playful massage of your ass and prostate can be a great experience. From the calm of the relaxation massage I play with your ass and let you experience the sensations of your anus.

The attentive touch can loosen much. It can confront you with feelings of

  • Shame
  • Pain
  • Discomfort

A loving touch can give you a nice positive impression of how you can cope with your anus. When you go through the first layers of shame and discomfort, it can fulfill you with sensational tingling and a deep sense of accomplishment.

Difference with Asswork

The difference between Assplay and Asswork has to do with the degree to which you experience problems or obstacles. Assplay fits well with a relaxation massage. It is intended for men who like it and experience no or hardly any problems. If you are experiencing structural problems, or have difficulty connecting with your muscle, then the Asswork is a better choice for you.

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