Tantra Massage for Men

Loving touch and quality in relaxation

(You can change or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours in advance)

Tantra massage

The Tantra massage is above all a sensual experience after which you feel vital again.

You will be touched with attention. This creates a field of caring and acceptance. You can be the way you are. Nothing has to be different. You may let go of all obligations, all your urges to perform, all your thoughts. Little by little your body surrenders. And it gets quiet in your head.

Feelings, emotions and thoughts that come up are welcome and can be part of the experience. By allowing them, you can get closer to yourself and develop more insight into yourself. In the safe space that arises, you get the opportunity to feel your whole body.

Every part of your body gets attention. That will make you breathe deeper. So you come to life. As a result, more energy can flow through your body. Also sexual energy or horniness. This is also welcome.

We make clear agreements in advance about what can and cannot be. For example, you don’t ejaculate, I keep my underwear on and the touch goes one way. Read all the important info about my tantra massages

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