Tantra massages for men

Mix and match your ideal experience

(you can change or cancel your appointment unto 24 hours upfront, free of charge)

Tantra massage

The tantra massage is above all a sensual experience after which you feel revitalized.

You will be touched with awareness. That creates a field fo care and acceptance. You can be the way you are. Nothing needs to be different. You can let go of all obligations, your tendencies to perform, your mind reflections. Gradually you will relax more. It becomes more quiet in your head. Feelings, emotions and thoughts that come up are welcomed and can be part of your experience. By allowing them to be there you can come closer to yourself and develop insights about yourself.

In the safe container that is created, you get space to feel your whole body. Every part of your body will by touched and caressed. And then naturally you will breath deeper. You become more alive.

As a result more energy will be able to flow through your body. Also sexual energy or horniness. This is also welcome. Before we start the session we set clear boundaries on what we can do and what we can’t. For example you don’t ejaculate, the touch goes one way and we don’t have sex.

+ Cock Yoga

Cock Yoga is designed to stretch and relax the muscles and tissue of your cock.

The way we, as men, usually learned to masturbate is destructive for our body. We damage our cocks and the surrounding area. This creates tension. Muscles tense up and your cock is pulled inwards gradually. You won’t notice directly, because it goes slow. Until you reach an age at which you start experiencing problems.

Most men, at some point in life, get to deal with:

  • erection problems
  • premature/unwanted ejaculations
  • loss of control
  • loss of interest in sex

You can partly prevent these problems through a different way of masturbation. Already tensed up muscles and tissue is restorable with bodywork and simple stressing techniques. When you add cock yoga to your session, I will help you with this. I give you exclusive tips and teach you the technique of yoga with you cock.

The result: sexual relaxation, natural erections and more control on your ejaculations. You can enjoy sex again, more and longer.

+ Assplay

A good relationship with your ass is so extremely important. Your sphincter muscles can tense up very easily. Just think about how your body reacts when you’re scared or otherwise experience tension. The first thing that contracts are your sphincter muscles.

Whether you are experienced or a newbie; a loving and playful massage of your ass, including your prostate can be an exquisite experience. From the quietness of the relaxation massage I play with your ass and let you experience all the sensations of it.

The careful and conscious touch can sometime trigger you and confront you with feelings like

  • shame
  • pain
  • discomfort

A loving touch can give you a positive imprint about how you can connect with your ass. When you go through the layers of shame and discomfort, you can get fulfilled with sensational tingling and a deep satisfaction.

Difference with Asswork

The difference between Assplay and Asswork has to do with how much you struggle. Assplay fits into the relaxation experience. It’s meant for men who like to be touched anally and hardly experience any issues. When you experience anal problems regularly, or you struggle to connect with your ass, then the Asswork is a better choice for you.

If you’re interested in Assplay, please let me know when you book a session.

Energetic Release

Relaxation and personal development

Deep inside your body, but for sure also on the surface, sits contracted tissue that prohibits the functions of your organs and negatively influences the flexibility of your body. Usually you won’t notice, because you’re used to it. But unconsciously these hardend tissues effect how you feel, think and move.

During an Energetic Release session we will explore this tissue and look for what we call blockages. Maybe you experience physical issues, that we can use as a guide line. Often it’s more emotional and on the level of feelings and maybe you have no idea where they hide. This session helps you to listen better to your body.

Two things are very important during the Energetic Release:

  • communication
  • awareness

During the session we explore together. I will ask you questions about what you feel, for example. It’s great if you can find words for it, or sometimes just a physical reaction is enough. Also feeling nothing can be part of the process. Awareness and observation requires input and commitment.

By pressing and moving your body, in combination with breathing, we work on loosening up your body. That’s not always an easy process. Deeply rooted emotion can surface. Sometimes painful memories, or just pain without any story.

Why would you start this process?

Whever you feel stuck in daily life and understand that bodywork can provide you with more openness and flexibility. Your daily aches will be reduced and mindfucks might become easier to handle. You won’t just get more flexible in your body, but also in your mind.

What does Energetic Release actually mean?

‘Release’ has a variety of meanings, like: to let go, to set free, to liberate, to dismiss. All these words relate to the work we’re doing.

Asswork: connect with your ass

In an Asswork session everything is about your relationship with your ass. I guide you in your exploration and building of that relationship. Together we research different aspects, like:

  • shame
  • discomfort
  • pain
  • taboo
  • anatomy
  • practical tips

What we cover during the session depends on your experience and needs. Do you have experience with anal see, but encountering a lot of pain? Then we can focus on the cause of that. Do you have no experience and you don’t know where to start? I can help you set the first stept.

For some people this might mean just talking and learning in that way, for others it will be more hands on bodywork. Mostly somewhere in between.

Working with blockages

Energy can only flow through your body freely when you’re free from blockages. With most men the sphincter muscle and the perineum is blocked. That can have various causes. In an Asswork session I help you to discover and loosen these blocks and teach you how to continue and maintain that.

Through breathing the tension can flow outwards. One of the keys in this work is my no pain policy, with which I can guarantee you a painfree enjoyment of anal sex.

Meditation: a compass for life

For me mediation is a daily practice that keeps me on track. Meditation gives me insight in daily issues. It helps me to make important (and not so important) decisions. I am happy to share my experience and knowledge with you.

Letting go of identification

When your mind is turning at full speed and you are completely absorbed by daily worries, like your job or relationship, it is hard to keep seeing the bigger picture. The practice of meditation can help you. It can pry you out of these worries so to speak. You feel less identified with what’s happening.

When you can let go of your identification, choices become clearer. You can tune into what you really want. Solutions present themselves naturally. And you life unfolds from a place of relaxation.

Eyes open

The new step is to integrate meditation in your daily life. To open your eyes from the silent meditation and go out and explore the world, without loosing touch with yourself. That requires practice. The result? A more free life, with more pleasure, wealth, calmness and satisfaction. Every day again.

If you want to discover meditation, by itself or in combination with a massage, please send me a message first. There are many ways we can do this and I prefer to cater to your personal situation.