Tantra massages voor mannen

✓ intamate and sensual

✓ relaxed and down-to-earth

✓ pain treatment

Quality of touch

The quality of touch is my first priority. Therefor I move consciously and carefully, sometimes softly, sometime firmly, but always with awareness. I strive for a feeling of comfort and safeness, so you can completely surrender and experience ultimate relaxation.

Highlights Massage Amsterdam

Tantra massage

A sensual experience in which you get the chance to feel your whole body. Optionally extendable with Cock Yoga or Assplay.

Energetic Release

Exploring your body. Where are you stuck? Where do you feel pain? When do you feel emotions? Together we discvoer what your body needs. You get time and space to unwind the physical stress.


How is our relationship with your ass?

Discover how to work through your shame and taboo step by step. Enjoy anal sex without pain.

Pure Male Massage Amsterdam is located in Nieuw West, near the crossing of Sam van Houtenstraat/Nolensstraat. Appointments only.