About my practice

My name is Johan van Walsem and Pure Male Massage is my practice. I’m specialised in massages for men. The power of energetic touch passing on to my fellow humans feels very rewarding and contributing. I experience my bodywork as a calling and I want to extend and further develop it as much as possible, so I can serve as many people with what I do.

All sessions are available for men 18 years and older. For some sessions I have some entry requirements.

My mission en vision

My mission: guiding men into getting in touch with their body more and letting them enjoy all aspects of their sexual existence.


Youri breath is an important indicator for your wellbeing and fullness of life. Just observe your breath for a second. Do you breath deep or superficial? High up in your chest or low in your belly? Or somewhere in between?

With my massages and de-armouring sessions i want to let people breath deeper, so they can inhale life to the fullest.


Physical and energetic touch supports bodily and spiritual healing.

From the moment we are born, we build up tension in our body. This tension blocks us and wounds us. Especially when it comes to sexuality, we can experience pain and discomfort. Healing your body gives more relaxation and calmness in your daily and sexual life.


Spiritual and physical healing gives you freedom. You become more playful, freer in sex and you’ll take yourself a bit less serious. Enjoy the experience and be aware in the now. Fun in sex, with your partner(s) and yourself is a vital part of my vision of life.

About me

Masseur Amsterdam

I started practicing tantra in 2008, in a playful way and it never left me since. This playfulness got integrated in my massage practice that I started in 2014. From June 2016 I’m a full time masseur and I currently work in Amsterdam.

Over 250 clients have been served by the power of energetic touch by now.

For me giving massages is inseparably connected with all aspects of my life. I learned that on the go. The more I delved into different aspects of life, the more I realized how important caring, loving touch is. Whether it is about body, mind, emotion of sprituality; massages are a consistent binding factor. Whether you’re struggling with daily life, or big life questions; in a massage you meet your own ground, your deeper self. I’m very happy to guide you onto that journey.