The AssWork ©

✅ Experience deep relaxation in your body
✅ Get rid of unhealthy shame
✅ Feel pleasure and learn to discover it yourself

2 hours / €200

*you can change or cancel your booking until 24 hours upfront 


What is it?

The AssWork © is about relaxing your sphincter muscle and pelvic floor. Stored tension will be loosened up professionally.

With that strong emotions can be released. Afterwards you’ll feel a deep relaxation and possibly an unexplainable sense of happiness.

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For whom is it?

Do you feel contracted? Do you struggle with irrational shame or guilt feelings? Does anal sex hurt? Do you find it hard to let go of things. Then The AssWork © can probably help you.

Only if you have had a tantra massage before, I can accept you for The AssWork ©. This way I know who I’m dealing with before I start doing this intimate session. It is possible that I don’t accept you for an AssWork © session if it doesn’t feel right.

Attention: if you’re dealing with psychological issues it is mandatory to consult a therapist.

Extended info



Since you’re a baby you’ve been forced to believe that everything involving your anus is bad. This has become a believe that is ingrained in your system. Through our parents and ancestors you inherited this shame feeling. You started to associate your anus with bad, dirty and unpleasant; with bad smell and unseemliness. Those associations have marked your experiences. Therefor you lost most of your natural pleasure in you anal area.


Every time you’re scared of afraid, when you’re ashamed or try to ‘man up’, your body contracts and squeezes your sphincter muscle. You’re storing the tension of your unexperienced emotions of that moment in your pelvic area, around your cock, ass, balls, perineum. This tension stays there and creates bodily contraction. Your energy will be blocked. As a result you become less sensitive, you find less pleasure in sex en often you experience unwanted ejaculations or erection problems.

More pleasure with The AssWork ©

Did you know that your ass can be much hornier than your cock? That’s because your cock is only one nerve, whilst your ass has three. During anal de-armouring almost everyone experiences a blast in pleasure after the deep intense pain fades away.

When your sphincter muscle relaxes you become more sensitive and you’ll feel more pleasure during anal sex. I believe everybody has the right to experience good sex for 100%. And only with a relaxed ass you’ll get that 100%.

Intake and structure

Because you’ve been with me before I kind of know enough about you when we start this session. Even though I prefer if you share your intention for this session with me when you make the booking.

The session basically consists of three phases:

  • preparation of your body through a short relaxed full body massage
  • stretching of the sphincter muscle and releasing of tension and emotions
  • cool down and sensational after-experience

My working method

During The AssWork © I open your anal area with my fingers. I will push away local blockages. This can be very painful and release a lot of emotions. During the whole session I will guide you in breathing and releasing the tension. We work on your pace and go as far as works for you.