Intuitive Tantra massage

Total relaxation:
✅ Feel relived and free
✅ Relaxed sexual energy in your whole body
✅ Forget about everything of a while

2 hours / €200

*you can change or cancel your booking until 24 hours upfront 


What is it?

The tantra massage is deep relaxing full body massage in combination with relaxed sexual energy. I build up the touch from just hands towards more body-to-body. With a lot of organic odorless coconut oil and body-sliding

Let yourself be taken into a deep intuitive massage which helps you relax and feel more vital.

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For whom is it?

Any man of 18 years and older is welcome for a tantra massage. It can help you relax and it supports the regeneration of your sexual energy.

Do you have problems around sexuality? Walking around with question? Then I also advice to consult a therapist in that field.

Extended info for Tantra Massage


Structure of a session

The tantra massage is intuitive and sensual and therefor always surprising. During the session I tune into your body and needs. Within an overall structure I have the freedom to give you the ultimate experience.

The first phase of the tantra massage consists of slowing down and surrender. You’re laying on your belly and I give you time to find your spot and position on the mattress. Through subtle touch with my hands I bring your body into a deep relaxation.

Slowly I will build up the touch until I use my whole body eventually. Step by step you’ll be able to let go even more, so the energy can flow more effortlessly through your body. I massage your back and butt, legs shoulders and arms.

Your butt and perineum get extra attention. With alternately feather light strokes and strong pressure the energy flow in your body awakens. This is the moment in which the sensuality increases and you can more and more enjoy the erotic parts of the massage.

In the last part of the massage you’re on your back, allowed to further surrender to the sensations in your body. Enjoy the careful and sensual touch when I massage the soft parts of your body, like your belly, waist, face and of course your cock and balls.

Whether you get an erection or not, the massage will boost your energy levels. You will maintain your energy in stead of loosing it through ejaculation. I will help you to spread the energy through your body, so you will be able to go home feeling energetic and happy. So, still a ‘happy end’, but different.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you naked as a masseur?
No, I will keep my underwear on. If you are looking for a masseur who is naked during the massage, then I’m not the person you’re looking for.

What if I get an erection during the massage?
First of all: you’re not the only one. An erection is a sign of total relaxation and therefor a positive signal. You can just relax and enjoy.

What if I don’t get an erection?
An erection is not required for the massage. Although we work with sexual energy, that doesn’t mean you will get horny. Perhaps your body needs to work through something else. Let’s respect that.

Why is there no ‘happy end’?
The idea behind my tantra massage is the regeneration of vital life energy. Sexual energy is the source of ánd the path to your natural happy state of being. With a peak orgasm you’re forcing this life energy out of your body, which is a destructive way of using it, because it depletes you bodily energy levels.