Body de-armouring

✅ Give room to suppressed emotions
✅ Breath life for 100%
✅ Experience you natural power

€200 / 2 uur

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What is it?

In a Free Your Body session you will work through negative life experiences. These experience have set themselves in the connective tissue and muscles in your body. That way they influence your daily behavior (un)consciously).

By using a combination of several pressure technique, the hardened tissue slowly becomes soft again. The old, adhered energy releases and the pain can be exhaled from your body.

For whom is it?

Are you encountering specific reoccurring problems in your life? Do you experience intense emotions regularly? DO you feel an unpredictable pain in your body? Then a Free Your Body session could work for you.

If you have psychological issue, it is mandatory to visit a specialist on the field.

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Extended info

The building of internal armour

In every phase of life we encounter scary situations against which we need to prefect us, energetically. Especially during the vulnerable childhood and puberty we have these negative experiences. Most of those situations will, step by step, change the way we think, act and feel, forever.

These negative experiences set themselves in your body, more specific in the connective tissue that binds your whole physical body together. The tissue hardens and often feels like armour in your body. (That’s why the technique in this session is called ‘de-armouring’.) Besides that it can be stored in your cells and eventually in your DNA, which makes it inheritable to next generations.

Armour as a cause of self-destruction

Hardening of your muscle and connective tissue has a gigantic impact on emotional as well as mental and spiritual level. Unconsciously it leads you into self-sabotage and self-destruction.

Misfortune, trouble achieving goals, feeling of being ‘the underdog’, fear in relationships, anger and frustration, shame, guilt, mistrust, chronic shortage of money, etc. are manifestations of inner armour.

As long as the armour stays, these patterns will repeat it self. Or you will spend a lot of effort in dealing with them mentally.

Clearing out the hard tissue

Body de-armouring offers a thorough and permanent solutions for such problems. This wonderful technique doesn’t only clear out the bodily hardened tissue, but will by achieving that also effect your mental and emotional wellbeing.

De-armouring brings you back to your natural happy state of being. It gives you room for spiritual growth and above all a happier, more peaceful and properous life.

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