Energetic massage

✅ Experience total relaxation
✅ Healing attention for you
✅ Recharge with powerful reiki energy

€200 / 120 minuten

*you can change or cancel your appointment until 24 hours upfront


What is it?

The energetic massage is a powerful combination of Reiki with Chakra balance techniques.

A Reiki treatment has a positive effect on your bodily self-restoring ability.

Reiki (energy flow) goes through your body and reaches deep places where your body needs it the most.

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For whom is it?

Do you feel out of balance? Are you kind of uncomfortable in your skin at the moment? Or are you struggling to let go of tension? An energetic massage could work for you then.

Are you under treatment of a regular doctor or therapist? An energetic massage can support your healing process in a subtle way. Please consult your therapist before you book a session.

Extended info

The power of reiki

Reiki is a Japanes technique of healing, becoming whole, by laying on of hands. Reiki-energy is a spiritual energy that finds her own way into the body. When given and received with an open mind, reiki does what is best for the receiver.It is a powerful, loving energie, an unconditional power, for everybody.

When do you need reiki?

Any problem in any life phase is treatable with reiki. Reiki gives you the opportunity to find back your own deeply hidden natural being. It can give you insight in the reason of your existence.

But also if you don’t have specific problems (or maybe especially then!) reiki can be a valuable addition to your life. Reiki gives your life a deeper meaning.

Reiki works on four levels:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • mental
  • spiritual

Reiki brings you back no all those levels by stimulation the self-restoring ability of you body.

Intake and structure of a session

To get a clear picture of your motivation and intention I will ask you some question upfront the session.

The energetic massage is a powerful combination of Reiki and Chakra balance techniques. Partly through a fixed form, partly through my intuitive approach, your body gets into a deep relaxation. In that relaxation healing happens.

Throughout the treatment I will mix in chakra balance techniques, based on your intention. This is a comfortable, easing process. Most people experience this as a increasing feeling of safety and security. Your breath becomes deeper and you feel more calm.

During the whole session you will keep your clothes on. Please bring/wear comfortable pressure free clothing.