General Terms and Conditions: the fine print enlarged

These general terms and conditions apply to all sessions at Pure Male Massage.


1. None of the massages you get at Pure Male Massage are meant to diagnose or cure any medical conditions (like sickness, acute or chronicle issues and other) When in doubt about your medical condition or injury I can postpone or cancel the session and redirect you to a doctor/therapist/specialist. Follow up treatment is only possible if your treating physician agrees.

2. Are you in treatment with a doctor, therapist or other specialist, or do you use specific medicines daily, please consult your doctor to see if there are any contra indications against getting a massage.

3. As a client you are responsible for the info you give me and the accuracy of it.

4. Pure Male Massage takes responsibility for negative experiences and I will do my best to find an appropriate solution for your situation. Therefor it is very important that you give me accurate info about physical and mental conditions.

5. Pure Male Massage feels responsabel for your personal belongings. Therefor I guarantee a safe and secure room in which you can put your stuff, so you can completely relax.

6. All diploma’s and certificates are present on prior request.


7. Mutual respect, a safe atmosphere and good hygiene are self-evident for both of us before, during and after a massage.

8. Sessions are free from sexual intercourse. If you appear to have different, sexual intentions with the massage, I will stop the session and send you home without refund.

9. Mobile devices should be turned off or on airplane mode during sessions.

10. Booked appointments can be rescheduled or canceled unto 24 hours upfront. After that I will have to charge you 50% of the costs.

Payment and satisfaction

11. You can pay cash or by card (most cards accepted) after the session, online or per bank transfer to NL55 TIO TRIO 0197 7989 26 (name: J van Walsem).

12. For all appointments your email, address and phone number is required for my administration. All personal and medical info provided by you will be confident. Without your prior written permission this will never be shared with anyone else.

13. In any case you are not satisfied with your treatment, please tell me. Preferably within one week after the session, so we can find an appropriate solution together.

I created these general terms and conditions to make your bookings at comfortable as possible. If anything is unclear, please let me know. I appreciate your feedback and questions.

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