Frequently Asked Questions

Intimacy and hygiene

Is the energetic massage an erotic massage?
No, during the energetic massage you can even keep your clothes on if you prefer.

Is the tantra massage erotic?
Absolutely. Because tantra is about all aspects of life, the massage is about reactivating your life energy. Sexuality is the source of that life energy. The massage is therefor almost always erotic.

Are you as a masseur also naked during the massage?
No, you can count on a professional attitude, that includes me keeping my underwear on at all times.

Do you give full body massages?
Sure! My tantra massages are always full body massage, including the erogenous zones. It sure stays a massage and there will be no sexual interaction.

Do you give body to body massage?
I use my upper body a lot during the tantra massages. But I will keep my underwear on.

How do you guarantee hygiene during a massage?
I will always facilitate clean and fresh sheets and towels. Also my personal hygiene gets extra attention, meaning washing my hands and taking showers. I expect the same from you as my client. For The AssWork © massages i use latex gloves. In case of skin disease please contact me. I do not take in clients with contagious diseases.

Erection and cumming

What if I get an erection during the massage?
First of all you’re not the only one. An erection is no problem and also not a requirement. 

Why don’t you give a ‘happy ending’?
The idea behind my massages is to revitalize your body. A peak orgasm drains your body, which possibly creates also some kind of hang over effect. 

If you want to know more about non-ejaculation, please check out The New Tantra’s website 21daychallenge.com 

I want to learn how to postpone my ejaculation. Does a tantric massage help?
Learning how to postpone your ejaculation requires a lot of practice. A tantric massage surely supports this practice. Especially with the cock yoga and The AssWork © techniques.

What if I cum by accident?
This almost never happens. You can signal when the pressure gets too much and I will also inform you about this before or during the session. If it happens, I’ll take time to clean you up in a gentle and comforting way. 

After that we can continue with the session in a way that fits your needs in that moment. 

Tantra in general

Should I have prior tantric experience?
No, the massages are fully accessible for all men, regardless their experience or knowledge about tantra.

Is the tantra massage suitable for straight men?
Absolutely. A large part of my clients is straight or bisexual. Of course you will have to be open to the level of intimacy. But usually the touch of men creates a deep feeling of brotherhood, which helps to recharge your body. 

I’m in a monogamous relationship. How could a massage work for me?
Actually quite some clients have monogamous relationships. The massages bring them more relaxation and joy in life. That is always a valuable addition to your relationship that benefits your partner as well.

If you have set strict boundaries about being touched in any way, the tantra massage might not be the ideal session for you. But if you understand how a massage can benefit both you and your partner, you will both be able to enjoy the results. 

The AssWork © / anal sex

Anal sex is painful. Is it wise to do The AssWork © massage?
Think about what the source of the pain is. If there is a physical indication, you need to visit a doctor. The AssWork © will not be a good idea.

If the pain is purely from stress and fear and contraction of your sphincter muscle, then The AsWork © could be a good idea for you. Gently, but thoroughly I will help you free you from the blockages stored there, so you can eventually enjoy anal sex as much. 

Is The AssWork © painful?
For most men it is. The joy comes afterwards. Lifelong tension is being stored in your sphincter muscle and around it. Letting go of that tension can be an intense process in which I guide you step by step. 

Bookings and website

For whom are the massages appropriate?
Every man, age 18 and older, of any ethnicity, sexual preference etc. is welcome at Pure Male Massage.

I won’t make it on time. What should I do?
Let me know as soon as possible so we can discuss the options. Mostly it is no problem to be a bit later as I plan enough time in between sessions. 

Can I book by email?
Yes that is possible. The easiest way to view my availability is by visiting the booking page on this website.

Can I book by phone?
Sure. If you can’t or don’t want to book online, please call me +31629406708.

Logging in doesn’t work. What should I do?
Please contact me by phone or email.

Accessibility and payments

What’s the best way to travel?
From outside the city: public transport via Amsterdam Zuid, Sloterdijk or Schiphol.
By car via A4/A5 or Ring West A10.
From inside the city: public transport (bus 21 or tram 13). By taxi (020 777 77 77) or Uber.
Car is the least favorite option as parking spaces are very limited. 

Can I pay cash?

Can I pay by card?
Yes. I accept all common debet and credit cards, including American Express.

Can I pay online?
Yes, you can pay safe with PayPal directly after your booking. Or ask me about bank details for payment upfront.

Can I get an invoice (with or without VAT)?
Absolutely. Let me know by email or ask me if you see me.

frequently asked questions

What can I do for you?

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