“Complete relaxation of body and mind”


– Hans


Tantra Massage

✅ Feel free and happy
✅ Relaxed sexual energy in your whole body
✅ Forget about everything for a while


The AssWork ©

✅ Experience deep relaxation in your body
✅ Get rid of unhealthy shame
✅ Discover the joy of playing with your ass


Free Your Body

✅ Let your body get back to its natural softness
✅ Feel free in your own body
✅ Discover your vital life energy


De power of male massage in Amsterdam

With my male massage concept I want to guide men in their experience of receiving masculine energy through touch. Transmitting the power of masculine energy is my biggest passion.

Pure Male Massage for men stand for complete relaxation, intimacy, man to man massage, calmness and focus, down to earth spirituality, freedom, breathing space, adventure, emotions, awareness, connection, pleasure, inner power. A personal approach is my base point. The sessions take place in an intimate, comfortable, homely setting

Let yourself be taken onto a journey; close your eyes, take a dee breath and let go of the tension in your body.